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Reflex arc of the first component of the human blink reflex: a single motoneurone study.
  1. M A Trontelj,
  2. J V Trontelj


    Latency variation of consecutive responses of single orbicularis oculi motoneurones in the first component of the electrically elicited blink reflex was 2.6 times larger than that of the H reflex of the soleus muscle fibres. Some motoneurones showed bimodal latency distribution or double responses or both at an interval of about 4-5 ms. Typical first component responses were sometimes obtained by contralateral stimulation. Central conduction time in the brainstem, estimated for 15 motoneurones, was between 2.4 and 6.6 ms. It is concluded that the first component of the blink reflex is conducted through an oligosynaptic arc including one or more interneurones.

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