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Immunological abnormalities and HLA antigen frequencies in IgA deficient patients with epilepsy.
  1. A Fontana,
  2. H Joller,
  3. F Skvaril,
  4. P Grob


    Twenty-three epileptics with constitutional factors for seizures and low IgA serum concentrations were studied. Imbalance of the IgG subclasses was often observed, the IgG4 being undetectable in 13 (65%) patients. The percentage of circulating lymphocytes positive for surface immunoglobulins was normal except for slightly increased values for IgA in six (28.5%) patients. Of the epileptics, 48% showed subnormal proportions of lymphocytes forming spontaneous rosettes. There was a distinct trend for HLA-A2 antigen in the patients tested.

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