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Long-term treatment of Parkinson's disease with bromocriptine.
  1. A Rascol,
  2. B Guiraud,
  3. J L Montastruc,
  4. J David,
  5. M Clanet


    BRomocriptine (15-75 mg per day) alone or with L-dopa was studied during five to 29 months on 44 patients with Parkinson's disease. Used as sole therapeutic agent, it was found excellent in 12 patients who had never received regular L-dopa treatment either because it was never attempted or because of intolerance from the outset. Its anti-Parkinsonism activity was comparable with L-dopa. The gain was stable in the long term until this report. The side effects of L-dopa were not seen after bromocriptine. In cases where L-dopa had ceased to be active, bromocriptine produced a further improvement if mental deterioration was not associated. In very advanced forms of Parkinson's disease with associated dementia, bromocriptine did not produce durable results. Bromocriptine did not improve the "on-off" effects but reduced a number of the side effects of L-dopa, in particular cardiac, painful contractions, and dyskinesia without "on-off" effects.

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