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HLA antigens in chronic relapsing idiopathic inflammatory polyneuropathy
  1. Diana Adams,
  2. H. Festenstein,
  3. J. D. Gibson,
  4. R. A. C. Hughes,
  5. J. Jaraquemada,
  6. C. Papasteriadis,
  7. J. Sachs,
  8. P. K. Thomas
  1. Department of Neurological Science, Royal Free Hospital, London
  2. Tissue Typing Laboratory, Royal Free Hospital, London
  3. Department of Immunology, London Hospital Medical College, London
  4. Neurology Department, Guy's Hospital, London


    Observations are reported on 14 patients with a clinical diagnosis of recurrent or chronic relapsing idiopathic inflammatory polyneuropathy of Guillain-Barré type. The results suggest the possibility of a disease susceptibility gene for this disorder associated with the HLA-A1, -B8, -DRw3, and -Dw3 haplotype.

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