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Neuropathy, amyloidosis, and monoclonal gammopathy.
  1. J W Fitting,
  2. A Bischoff,
  3. F Regli,
  4. G De Crousaz


    Three cases of neuropathy with monoclonal gammopathy and amyloid deposits in peripheral nerves are described. They appeared to present a benign gammopathy because of the duration of the neuropathy in the absence of any clinical or biological sign of myeloma or macroglobulinaemia. The pathological abnormality found in the sural nerves of the three patients was characterised by a marked loss of myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibres because of active axonal degeneration with Wallerian degeneration. The most striking feature in all three cases was the finding of deposits identified as an accumulation of microfibrils.

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