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Alexander's disease: case report including histopathological and electron microscopic features.
  1. G Cole,
  2. F De Villiers,
  3. N S Proctor,
  4. I Freiman,
  5. P Bill


    We report a case of Alexander's disease in a black South African boy of 9 years. The child presented with a grossly abnormal stooped posture, generalised weakness, and slurred nasal speech. Computerised tomography revealed diffuse low radio-density confined to the white matter, and enlarged ventricles. Cerebral biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. The histopathological and electron microscopic features are essentially the same as those described in previous reports. We note the presence of dense clumps of material within some of the Rosenthal fibres, and can find no reference in the literature describing this. Sural nerve biopsy was normal.

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