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Cerebrospinal fluid pulse pressure and intracranial volume-pressure relationships.
  1. C J Avezaat,
  2. J H van Eijndhoven,
  3. D J Wyper


    In six anaesthetised and ventilated dogs the CSF pulse pressure was compared with the volume-pressure response (VPR) during continuous inflation of an extradural balloon. Both pulse pressure and VPR increased linearly with the ventricular fluid pressure (VFP) up to a mean VFP of 60 mmHg. At this pressure a breakpoint occurred above which the CSF pulse pressure showed a steeper linear increase, while the VPR remained constant. It is suggested that the breakpoint is related to failure of autoregulation, and that in non-autoregulating patients the CSF pulse pressure is a better parameter of the clinical state than the VPR.

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