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Motor unit potential abnormalities in multiple sclerosis: further evidence for a peripheral nervous system defect.
  1. A I Weir,
  2. S Hansen,
  3. J P Ballantyne


    We have recently reported abnormalities of single fibre EMG in patients with multiple sclerosis. The present study applies quantitative electrophysiological techniques to the same group of patients. The number of motor units in the extensor digitorum brevis muscle was measured and their characteristics recorded. Also the shortest distal motor latency and fastest motor conduction velocities were estimated. Abnormalities suggesting a patchy denervating/reinnervating process due to pathology in the intramuscular nerve network or at the endplate were found in a number of patients. There was a good correlation between patients with abnormal motor unit potentials and those with abnormal single fibre EMG "jitter".

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