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A study of the incidence of epilepsy following ECT
  1. D H R Blackwood*,
  2. R E Cull,
  3. C P L Freeman,
  4. J I Evans,
  5. C Mawdsley§
  1. *MRC Brain Metabolism Unit, University Department of Pharmacology, Edinburgh
  2. The Department of Medical Neurology, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh†
  3. The Department of Psychiatry, Royal Edinburgh Hospital‡
  4. §The Department of Medical Neurology, Northern General Hospital, Edinburgh§


    In a group of 166 patients who had received electroconvulsive therapy more than one year previously the prevalence of epilepsy did not differ significantly from that found in the community as a whole. The findings suggest that a kindling process is not a clinical hazard following repeated electrically induced seizures.

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