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Correlation between radionuclides uptake and ultrastructural features of tight junctions in the capillary wall of meningiomas.
  1. P Bar-Sella,
  2. D Front,
  3. E Peyser,
  4. A Talmon,
  5. O Israel,
  6. I Nir


    The uptake of Tc-99m pertechnetate and Co-57 bleomycin and the ultrastructure of small blood vessels were studied in 10 cases of meningioma. When thin sections of 120 contact areas between adjacent endothelial cells were examined, 92% of the intercellular contacts contained one to three punctate tight junctions. Freeze fracture preparations revealed fascia occludens with one to four sealing strands. These findings are consistent with the high permeability the meningiomas displayed for both of the radiopharmaceuticals.

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