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Intracerebral neurilemmoma.
  1. V Kasantikul,
  2. W J Brown,
  3. L D Cahan


    Two examples of intracerebral neurilemmoma occurred in the absence of von Recklinghausen's disease. The first case was unique because the patient was clinically asymptomatic, and the second case was unusual with a combination of oligodendroglioma and neurilemmoma in the same mass. The latter lesion arising in persons without stigmata of neurofibromatosis has not been described. The nature of nerve sheath neoplasms in both instances has been verified by electron-microscopy. Clinical features of this rare neoplasm differ from those of acoustic or other cranial nerve tumour, particularly in relation to age and sex. Intracerebral neurilemmoma has been found most often in the first two decades of life and more often in males. Seizures and paresis, although non-specific are common signs and symptoms. Probable histogenesis of this neoplasm from perivascular elements in brain has been suggested.

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