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Blood-stained cerebrospinal fluid: traumatic puncture or haemorrhage?
  1. O J Buruma,
  2. H L Janson,
  3. F A Den Bergh,
  4. G T Bots


    Computed tomography fails to ascertain, or exclude, the presence of intracranial haemorrhage in a considerable number of cases, especially in subarachnoid haemorrhage and haemorrhagic infarcts. A number of other methods, including cerebrospinal fluid spectrophotometry and cytology have, therefore, been tested to define their diagnostic efficacy in 25 cases of confirmed intracranial haemorrhage and in 25 instances of blood-stained cerebrospinal fluid due to traumatic puncture. The combination of spectrophotometry and cytology proved to have a high diagnostic reliability. On the basis of these results a routine scheme of investigation is proposed.

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