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Myotonic dystrophy and thymoma: A necropsy case report
  1. Yoshiyuki Kuroiwa*,
  2. Akira Yamada*,
  3. Kenji Ikebe*,
  4. Kinori Kosaka*,
  5. Hideo Sugita,
  6. Toshikazu Murakami
  1. *Third Department of Internal Medicine, Japan
  2. Department of Neurology, Institute of Brain Research†, Japan
  3. Department of Pathology,‡ University of Tokyo, Japan


    This report describes a 46 year old woman having both thymoma and myotonic dystrophy. Laboratory studies revealed an anterior mediastinal mass, lymphocytopenia, anergic reaction to dinitrochlorobenzene and electrophysiological evidence of myotonia. Postmortem examination disclosed a thymoma with predominant proliferation of epithelial cells. This paper is the second necropsy report of myotonic dystrophy associated with thymoma.

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