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Nerve conduction velocity in experimental diabetes in the rat and rabbit.
  1. P K Thomas,
  2. J G Jefferys,
  3. A K Sharma,
  4. S Bajada


    Tibial motor nerve conduction velocity was measured in rats, before and two months after the induction of diabetes with streptozotocin. A second group of diabetic animals was also administered 1% dietary myoinositol supplements. An analysis of variance was performed on these data. Myoinositol supplements had no effect whatsoever. The period of diabetes had a statistically significant and quantitatively marginal effect (a decrease of 2.2 m s-1) on conduction velocity. This is considerably less than in previous reports. The reasons for this are discussed. Tibial motor nerve conduction velocity was also measured in a group of alloxan-diabetic rabbits two months after the induction of diabetes and in an age-matched control group. Conduction velocity was again slightly but significantly less in the diabetic animals.

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