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The effect of dantrolene sodium in relation to blood levels in spastic patients after prolonged administration.
  1. W J Meyler,
  2. H Bakker,
  3. J J Kok,
  4. S Agoston,
  5. H Wesseling


    In 25 patients with spasticity, pharmacokinetics and effects of dantrolene sodium were investigated after prolonged administration. A beneficial effect occurred in seven patients. The results were better on 100 mg daily than on a higher daily dose. An increase of the daily dose from 200 to 400 mg was not associated with higher blood levels. Many side effects were noted such as: anorexia, nausea, drowsiness, depression and muscle weakness. From this study we conclude that dantrolene sodium is a muscle relaxant with a weak to moderate effect in patients with spasticity; the effect at doses higher than 200 mg daily is probably poor.

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