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Amaurosis fugax: some aspects of management.
  1. P J Parkin,
  2. B E Kendall,
  3. J Marshall,
  4. W I McDonald


    Fifty-one patients with amaurosis fugax were followed for a mean of 4.9 years from their first attack. Females predominated under the age of 50 years in contrast to men who presented in the older age group. Minor permanent visual sequelae occurred in only three patients, but cerebral vascular symptoms were present at some time in just under half the group. A range of abnormalities was identified on cerebral angiography and some of these correlated with certain clinical findings. Twenty patients were treated by surgery and permanent relief of significant improvement in symptoms occurred in 14. A group of patients who were at greater risk of cerebral vascular complications following angiography and surgery was identified. It is concluded that careful patient selection is necessary before surgery is recommended but that in a significant number of cases with relatively focal atheroma confined to one proximal internal carotid artery an excellent long term result following surgery may be expected.

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