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The clinical picture of ectasia of the intracerebral arteries
  1. YL Yu,
  2. IF Moseley,
  3. P Pullicino,
  4. WI McDonald
  1. Lysholm Radiological Department, The National Hospital, London
  2. The University Department of Clinical Neurology, The National Hospital, London


    Thirty-one patients with ectasia of intracranial arteries were studied. The carotid system was more frequently involved than the vertebrobasilar. The condition is relatively rare and usually occurs with other vascular disease. Ectasia presents with a variety of neurological symptoms, amongst which visual disorders are common. The overall mortality was 52%, but the prognosis was appreciably worse for the vertebrobasilar group, probably because of a higher incidence of compression of surrounding neural structures. Defects in the internal elastic lamina, with or without associated atheroma, are often found in the affected arteries.

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