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A comparison of phenytoin and pheneturide in patients with epilepsy: a double-blind cross-over trial
  1. FB Gibberd,
  2. DM Park,
  3. G Scott,
  4. MJ Gawel,
  5. DE Fry,
  6. NGR Page,
  7. C Engler,
  8. JR English,
  9. F Clifford Rose
  1. Department of Neurology at Westminster, Charing Cross
  2. Department of Neurology at Southend Hospitals
  3. The West Park Laboratories Epsom
  4. Syntex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


    A double-blind cross-over trial between pheneturide and phenytoin in ninety-four outpatients with epilepsy is described. There was no significant difference between the frequency of seizures in the two groups. The difficulties in comparing two anticonvulsants of similar efficacy are discussed particularly in relation to ethical problems, the selection of patients and trial design.

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