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Self-induction of epileptic seizures by eye-closure. Spectral analysis of concomitant EEG.
  1. D G Wastell,
  2. A J Wilkins,
  3. C E Darby


    The spectral characteristics of the EEG were studied in the period immediately preceding slow eye-closures associated with the self-induction of epileptiform activity. Power levels were compared with similar spontaneous eye-closures not associated with paroxysmal activity, with eye closures performed to command, and with EEG preceding eye-blinks. A transient rise in EEG power at low frequencies 1-2 seconds before the slow eye-closure was found to be reliably associated with the subsequent occurrence of paroxysmal activity. This finding suggests that eye-closure may not be initial event in the sequence culminating in paroxysmal activity.

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