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Confusion, dementia and anticholinergics in Parkinson's disease.
  1. Y de Smet,
  2. M Ruberg,
  3. M Serdaru,
  4. B Dubois,
  5. F Lhermitte,
  6. Y Agid


    Among a population of 75 hospitalised Parkinsonian subjects, confusional states were observed in 46% of demented patients not receiving anticholinergic drugs and in 93% of demented patients under anticholinergic therapy. The sensitivity of demented Parkinsonians to anticholinergic drugs can be attributed to a cholinergic deficiency which has been detected in the cortex and hippocampus of Parkinsonian patients post-mortem. The observations suggest that anticholinergic medication should be avoided in Parkinsonians with intellectual impairment.

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