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Cerebral ganglioglio-neuroblastoma: an unusual brain tumour of the neuron series.
  1. D K Dastur


    The pathology of an unusual intracranial neuroectodermal tumour of the neuron series in described and its possible histogenesis discussed. The tumour, in a child aged 5 years with an enlarged head since infancy, presented as a large solid intra-cerebral mass. Histological examination showed four types of cells; (i) the stroma, forming the bulk of the tumour, was astrocytomatous; (ii) lobules of ill defined cells bearing small circular nuclei, representing immature neuroblasts: (iii) the same of other lobules containing neurons in various stages of development; and (iv) dense clusters of cells with hyperchromatic nuclei attempting rosettes, representing an overtly malignant neuroblastoma. This tumour was designated "ganglioglio-neuroblastoma" and probably originated from a slow growing ganglioglioma.

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