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Histocompatibility antigens on astrocytoma cells.
  1. H Hirschberg,
  2. L I Endresen,
  3. P Wikeby


    Biopsies tumour cells from astrocytoma-bearing patients were grown in primary culture for 3-5 days. Both low and high grade tumours were represented in the study. The cultured cells could be shown to express the HLA-A and -B antigens using a multispecific allo-antiserum and a rabbit anti-beta-2 microglobulin antibody. The tumour cells were negative for the HLA-DR determinants when tested with either rabbit anti-Ia-like antisera or specific anti-HLA-DR allo-antisera. They also failed to stimulate allogeneic lymphocytes in primary mixed lymphocyte-tumour cell cultures but stimulated lymphocytes primed to tumour cells in vitro. The tumour cells were also capable of stimulating autologous lymphocytes from the tumour-bearing patient in most of the combinations tested.

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