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Ventilatory failure in myasthenia gravis.
  1. I T Ferguson,
  2. R P Murphy,
  3. R G Lascelles


    This retrospective study over the decade 1969-1978 examines the precipitating factors and outcome in thirty-one patients with myasthenia gravis who developed ventilatory failure. An unusual example of chronic alveolar hypoventilation is discussed in detail. The most favourable outcome occurred in younger patients with a hyperplastic thymus, in contrast to a poorer outlook for older patients with an atrophic gland. Eleven patients died during the period of follow up: three deaths were unrelated to myasthenia but the remaining eight were attributed directly or indirectly to it. The mortality of 36% represents a marked improvement on a 70% mortality in a similar group of patients, reported from this hospital for the years 1960-1968.

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