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Erythropoietin levels in posterior fossa haemangioblastoma.
  1. R V Jeffreys,
  2. J A Napier,
  3. S H Reynolds


    Using an in vitro bioassay, erythropoiesis stimulating activity has been measured in serum, cyst fluids and tumour homogenates from fourteen patients with cerebellar haemangioblastoma. Only two patients had elevated peripheral blood red cell counts and haemoglobin concentrations. Significantly elevated serum erythropoiesis stimulating activity was found in only one patient. High level, however, were detected in seven out of the fourteen cyst fluids and in the two homogenates tested. The dose response lines from these paralleled those of normal human erythropoietin. It was possible to neutralise the erythropoiesis stimulating activity in the cyst fluids with anti-human erythropoietin serum, indicating its similarity to erythropoietin, the normal erythropoietic regulating hormone. Significant release of the erythropoietic stimulating factor from the cyst fluids into the blood seemed to be an uncommon occurrence.

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