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Conduction of sensory action potentials across the posterior fossa in infratentorial space-occupying lesions in man.
  1. A D Wang,
  2. L Symon,
  3. F Gentili


    Central conduction time following median nerve stimulation has been recorded in 28 patients with infratentorial space occupying lesions. Fourteen of these (50%) showed a prolonged central conduction time, which invariably involved that segment of the conduction time between the dorsal column nuclei generators and the generation site for P15, which we believe to be the upper brain stem or thalamus. Three other cases showed prolongation of the N14-P15 segments though total central conduction time was within normal limits. One case with marked hydrocephalus showed prolongation both before and after the P15 wave. The possible pathophysiology of prolongation of central conduction time in these cases and the possible neural generation site of P15 are discussed.

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