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"Mitochondrial myopathy" or mitochondrial disease? EEG, ERG, VEP studies in 13 children.
  1. A Harden,
  2. G Pampiglione,
  3. A Battaglia


    Neurophysiological investigations (EEG, ERG, VEP) were carried out in 13 patients with proven "mitochondrial myopathy". There were nine girls and four boys. Varied abnormalities were seen in the EEGs of all cases, and in one patient unusual repetitive bursts of irregular slow waves and spikes were observed. The ERG was abnormal in five of the 12 cases tested, while the VEP (flash) was definitely abnormal in six out of these 12 cases. These neurophysiological findings suggest some involvement of both the brain and the visual system. It seem therefore appropriate that this condition be considered a "mitochondrial disease" affecting many systems rather than only muscles.

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