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Multiple mononeuritis and radiculitis with erythema, pain, elevated CSF protein and pleocytosis (Bannwarth's syndrome).
  1. C H Wulff,
  2. K Hansen,
  3. P Strange,
  4. W Trojaborg


    Four patients with Bannwarth's syndrome were examined. One to three weeks weeks after the appearance of a large erythematous skin lesion they developed pain of variable localisation. Four days to four weeks later uni- or bilateral facial palsies and other nerve lesions developed. CSF showed elevated protein and mononuclear pleocytosis. There was a defect of the blood-brain barrier and increased intrathecal production of IgG. Facial nerve latencies were increased 4 to 7 times in three cases and normal in one case examined 15 months after onset. Conduction velocity along other nerves was normal apart from slight slowing in one diabetic patient. Recovery was incomplete in three patients 8 to 15 months after onset of disease and complete in one patient after 15 months.

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