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The effect of diphenylhydantoin on metabolic and growth hormone changes during and after exercise.
  1. R J Chalmers,
  2. R H Johnson


    Metabolic and human growth hormone responses to exercise were investigated in six normal healthy subjects on two occasions with and without an oral dose of diphenylhydantoin (500 mg). Serum diphenylhydantoin concentrations were similar in all subjects and were just below the accepted therapeutic range for epileptic patients. There was no significant difference in blood lactate, pyruvate or glucose concentrations with diphenylhydantoin. Plasma free fatty acids, and blood glycerol and total ketone concentrations were greater after exercise following diphenylhydantoin. Significantly greater concentrations of human growth hormone occurred during exercise with diphenylhydantoin. Further investigation of the mechanisms by which diphenylhydantoin alters lipolysis and human growth hormone release would be of value as these metabolic and hormonal effects could influence exercise tolerance in athletics and other pursuits.

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