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Late seizures in patients with internal carotid and middle cerebral artery occlusive disease following ischaemic events.
  1. P De Carolis,
  2. R D'Alessandro,
  3. R Ferrara,
  4. A Andreoli,
  5. T Sacquegna,
  6. E Lugaresi


    The occurrence of post-infarction epilepsy was investigated in 68 patients with angiographically proven internal carotid artery occlusion and in 56 patients with middle cerebral artery occlusion. Epileptic seizures occurred during follow-up in 9% of the carotid artery group and in 21.4% of the middle cerebral artery group. The different incidence of seizures in the two groups was statistically significant. The physiopathological mechanism of the late post-infarction epilepsy is discussed.

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