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Dopamine agonists suppress visual-cortical reflex myoclonus.
  1. J A Obeso,
  2. J Artieda,
  3. T Tuñón,
  4. M R Luquin,
  5. J M Martínez Lage


    Two patients with a diagnosis of olivo-ponto-cerebellar atrophy developed cortical reflex myoclonus to visual (flash) and somaesthetic stimuli. Oral treatment with levodopacarbidopa (1000/100 mg) or subcutaneous administration of apomorphine (1 mg) abolished the visually-triggered myoclonus, without modifying reflex myoclonus to electrical or tactile stimulation. Intravenous administration of lisuride (0.1 mg) produced a marked reduction in both types of reflex myoclonus. These results indicate a selective inhibitory effect of dopamine agonist drugs on visual reflex myoclonus of cortical origin.

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