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Blood flow and oxygen utilisation in the contralateral cerebral cortex of patients with untreated intracranial tumours as studied by positron emission tomography, with observations on the effect of decompressive surgery.
  1. R P Beaney,
  2. D J Brooks,
  3. K L Leenders,
  4. D G Thomas,
  5. T Jones,
  6. K E Halnan


    Using positron emission tomography, regional cerebral blood flow and oxygen utilisation were measured in the contralateral cortex of 14 patients with a variety of intracranial tumours. A comparison was made with cortical values derived from 14 normal controls. Compared with normal subjects, patients with brain tumours had a significant reduction in oxygen utilisation and blood flow in their contralateral cortex. Decompression resulting from craniotomy and biopsy, led to a partial reversal of this cerebral hypofunction.

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