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Cerebellar ataxia in enteric fever.
  1. R S Wadia,
  2. N R Ichaporia,
  3. R S Kiwalkar,
  4. R B Amin,
  5. H V Sardesai


    In a study of enteric fever, cerebellar ataxia was found to be the commonest neurological manifestation, second only to toxic delirium. Excluding toxic delirium (found in 25-30% of cases) neurologic deficit was noted in 5.0% of a series of 718 consecutive cases; 2.3% showed cerebellar ataxia, either as an isolated feature or in association with other lesions. The ataxia usually appeared in the second week, and lasted a mean of 9.4 days. In 90% of cases it had cleared completely within a month.

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