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Sensory involvement in motor neuron disease: further evidence from automated thermal threshold determination.
  1. G A Jamal,
  2. A I Weir,
  3. S Hansen,
  4. J P Ballantyne


    Thermal thresholds were determined in 40 patients with motor neuron disease and in 40 age- and sex-matched healthy subjects. The thermal thresholds were estimated on the skin of wrist and ankle using an automated microprocessor controlled system and the "two alternative forced-choice method" of psycholphysical analysis. Abnormalities of thermal thresholds (greater than or equal to 99th percentile) were seen in 80% of the motor neuron disease patients. The results are in agreement with reports of sensory pathway involvement in the literature. Thermal threshold abnormalities are common in motor neuron disease and indicate the involvement of the small fibre afferent pathways.

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