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Oligoclonal "fingerprint" of CSF IgG in multiple sclerosis patients is not modified following intrathecal administration of natural beta-interferon.
  1. C Confavreux,
  2. C Chapuis-Cellier,
  3. P Arnaud,
  4. O Robert,
  5. G Aimard,
  6. M Devic


    The IgG pattern in CSF was studied in 11 patients with multiple sclerosis who exhibited an oligoclonal banding upon thin-layer polyacrylamide gel isoelectric focusing followed by silver stain of unconcentrated CSF. Each patient received beta-interferon intrathecally during a 2 month period. No modification was observed over a 6 month period. In addition, the oligoclonal pattern was remarkably unique for each individual representing a typical "fingerprint" which allowed the identification of any single CSF.

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