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Disseminated lesions at presentation in patients with optic neuritis.
  1. I E Ormerod,
  2. W I McDonald,
  3. G H du Boulay,
  4. B E Kendall,
  5. I F Moseley,
  6. A M Halliday,
  7. R Kakigi,
  8. A Kriss,
  9. E Peringer


    Thirty five adults and two children with clinically isolated optic neuritis were examined by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine the presence of disseminated lesions within the brain at presentation and to compare these findings with the results of evoked potential studies. Of the adult patients, 61% showed lesions on the scans whereas the evoked potentials suggested the presence of lesions outside the visual system in 30%. MRI is a sensitive method for the demonstration of clinically unsuspected lesions in patients with uncomplicated optic neuritis.

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