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Neuropsychological syndromes in presenile dementia due to cerebral atrophy.
  1. D Neary,
  2. J S Snowden,
  3. D M Bowen,
  4. N R Sims,
  5. D M Mann,
  6. J S Benton,
  7. B Northen,
  8. P O Yates,
  9. A N Davison


    In a prospective study of 24 patients with presenile dementia associated with cerebral atrophy, clinical and psychological characteristics of patients' disorder were examined in relation to pathological and chemical findings obtained from tissue analysis following cerebral biopsy. The histological features of Alzheimer's disease were found in 75% of cases, but not in 25%. Distinctive patterns of neuropsychological breakdown emerged allowing clinical grouping of patients. While clinical patterns were helpful in differentiating Alzheimer's disease from non-Alzheimer's disease, there was not an absolute concordance between clinical and patho-chemical groupings. The findings, which support the notion that the "cerebral atrophies" represent a heterogeneous group of conditions, have relevance for the clinical diagnosis of presenile dementia.

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