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Cerebrospinal fluid hydrodynamic studies in children.
  1. H K Blomquist,
  2. S Sundin,
  3. J Ekstedt


    CSF-hydrodynamic investigation using the constant pressure infusion method was used in children. The CSF resting pressure was recorded and the CSF formation rate was measured. The conductance of the CSF outflow pathways and the pressure in the sagittal sinus were calculated. The method was used in children with suspicion of disturbed CSF hydrodynamics due to various neurological and other conditions. The method is applicable in paediatric neurological diagnostics and provides information for further understanding of the mechanisms behind cranial hypertension. The following mean values are offered as reference values in clinical work and in further research in this field: CSF-resting pressure 1.3 kPa, sagittal sinus pressure 1.1 kPa, pressure difference across arachnoid villi 0.5 kPa, conductance of CSF outflow pathways 22.6 mm3 kPa-1s-1, CSF formation rate 6.8 m3s-1.

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