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CNS toxoplasmosis in acquired immune deficiency syndrome: a clinical-pathological-radiological review of 12 cases.
  1. A E Farkash,
  2. P J Maccabee,
  3. J H Sher,
  4. S H Landesman,
  5. G Hotson


    From January 1981 to January 1983 acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) was diagnosed in 90 patients admitted to Kings County Hospital-Downstate Medical Center. CNS involvement occurred in 18 patients of whom 12 had toxoplasmosis confirmed by biopsy or necropsy. Pathological specimens from these 12 patients were notable for a marked diminution or absence of cellular inflammation. Each patient had elevated serological studies for toxoplasma. AIDS presented with symptoms referable to CNS toxoplasma in eight patients. In the remaining four patients, toxoplasma was found late in the course of the illness. CT showed either ring enhancing lesions or solid nodules. The course was uniformly fatal, though patients treated continuously with pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine survived longer.

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