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The role of autonomic neuropathy in diabetic foot ulceration.
  1. M E Ahmed,
  2. L Delbridge,
  3. L P Le Quesne


    Five standard, non-invasive tests of cardiovascular, autonomic function were performed in each of four groups of 30 subjects: controls, group 1, diabetics without clinical evidence of neuropathy; group 2, diabetics with neuropathy, but without foot ulceration; group 3, diabetics with neuropathic ulceration of the foot. The results showed a significant impairment of autonomic function in diabetics without clinically demonstrable somatic neuropathy compared with controls diabetics with somatic neuropathy compared with those without diabetics with neuropathic ulceration compared with those with neuropathy without ulceration. Parasympathetic function was more seriously affected than sympathetic. In patients who had only mild sensory neuropathy on clinical assessment, those with ulcers had significantly greater impairment of autonomic neuropathy compared with those with uncomplicated neuropathy.

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