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Anticysticercous antibodies in serum and cerebrospinal fluid in patients with cerebral cysticercosis.
  1. T Corona,
  2. D Pascoe,
  3. D González-Barranco,
  4. P Abad,
  5. L Landa,
  6. B Estañol


    Fifty-one cases of cerebral cysticercosis proved by surgery or CT scanning were studied prospectively with the ELISA test in order to detect anticysticercous antibodies in blood and CSF. The ELISA test was also performed for detection of antibodies in 20 control patients who had CSF withdrawn during a myelogram and in 119 serum samples of asymptomatic subjects. We found an overall sensitivity of the ELISA test in the blood of 87% with a specificity of 90%. In the CSF we found a sensitivity of 87% with a specificity of 100%. However, when we compared patients with cerebral cysticercosis of a benign type with patients with cerebral cysticercosis of a malignant type we found a serum sensitivity of 75% for the benign group as compared to 93% of the malignant group. The CSF sensitivity was 80% in the benign group and 93% in the malignant group. This difference was statistically significant.

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