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Selection of aphasic stroke patients for intensive speech therapy.
  1. J A Legh-Smith,
  2. R Denis,
  3. P M Enderby,
  4. D T Wade,
  5. R Langton-Hewer
  1. Rivermead Rehabilitation Centre, Oxford, UK.


    Selection criteria for intensive speech therapy and the number of patients fulfilling these were investigated in 441 acute strokes coming from a Health District population during one year. Five patients from a total of 71 referred with speech and/or language difficulties were considered suitable for intensive speech therapy at 4 weeks after stroke. Although such therapy was not actually given, by 26 weeks three of the five had recovered and 14 further patients were considered suitable to receive intensive therapy. The most important selection criteria were Functional Communication Profile score of less than 85 and a clinical judgement that the patient was well enough to take part. It is recommended that decisions as to appropriateness of patients for intensive speech therapy be delayed beyond 4 weeks after stroke.

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