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Magnetic resonance imaging in the management of resistant focal epilepsy: pathological case report and experience of 12 cases.
  1. R Grant,
  2. D M Hadley,
  3. B Condon,
  4. D Doyle,
  5. J Patterson,
  6. I Bone,
  7. S L Galbraith,
  8. G M Teasdale
  1. Department of Neuropathology, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, UK.


    Clinical improvement in epilepsy following temporal lobectomy is more often obtained when an abnormality is found on subsequent histological examination. Pre-operative MRI demonstrated an abnormal signal in the temporal lobe of a patient with pathologically proven mesial temporal sclerosis with microvascular anomaly. MRI may therefore be helpful in the selection of patients for temporal lobectomy. MRI findings of 12 patients with resistant focal epilepsy are reviewed. A wide range of T1 and T2 weighting is suggested to maximise selection of patients.

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