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Photosensitive patients: symptoms and signs during intermittent photic stimulation and their relation to seizures in daily life.
  1. D G Kasteleijn-Nolst Trenité,
  2. C D Binnie,
  3. H Meinardi
  1. Institut voor Epilepsiebestrijding Meer en Bosch Heemstede, The Netherlands.


    Thirty six patients were studied with a classical photoparoxysmal EEG response to intermittent photic stimulation (IPS). Clinical observations and complaints reported by patients during standardised IPS were recorded and compared with historical data. Twenty seven patients experienced impaired consciousness or showed motor phenomena such as involuntary opening of the eyes or jerking on one or both sides of the body. Twenty five patients had sensations such as pain in the eyes, jerking etc. There existed no relation between the duration of the evoked discharges (0.5-3 seconds) and observed signs or complaints. In 11 instances the clinical features found during IPS were not reported in a history taken from the patient and relatives.

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