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Oligodendroglioma occurring after radiation therapy for pituitary adenoma.
  1. C I Huang,
  2. W H Chiou,
  3. D M Ho
  1. Department of Surgery (Neurosurgery) and Pathology, Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.


    A 38 year old male dentist developed an oligodendroglioma of the left medial temporal lobe and parasellar region 12 years after radiotherapy with 6600 rads of acromegaly. The 30 cases of radiation-induced gliomas reported in the English literature are reviewed and analysed. The criteria for defining radiation-induced tumours of the central nervous system are proposed as follows: the tumour has a long quiescent "latency period", a location in the previously irradiated field, a verified histological difference from a primary condition, and does not arise from a primary condition associated with a genetic syndrome such as neurofibromatosis or tuberous sclerosis. The reported case fulfilled these criteria but appears to be the only reported radiation-induced oligodendroglioma.

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