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Deep left parietal lobe syndrome: conduction aphasia and other neurobehavioural disorders due to a small subcortical lesion.
  1. M Poncet,
  2. M Habib,
  3. A Robillard


    A patient with sudden onset of conduction aphasia in the context of an ischaemic stroke is reported. Other neurological and neuropsychological findings included bilateral ideomotor apraxia, right hemisensory defect and paradoxical left ear extinction on a dichotic listening test. Lesion location, as inferred from magnetic resonance imaging, involved a restricted subcortical area in the left parietal lobe, near the lateral wall of the cerebral ventricle. The anatomical correlate for each of the clinical findings is discussed in the light of classical anatomo-clinical correlations. It is concluded that this tetrad constitutes a specific syndrome which may be easily recognised and ascribed to a single lesion in the deep white matter of the left parietal lobe.

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