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Stimulation of motor tracts in motor neuron disease.
  1. A Berardelli,
  2. M Inghilleri,
  3. R Formisano,
  4. N Accornero,
  5. M Manfredi


    The muscle responses evoked by cortical and cervical stimulation in 11 patients with motor neuron disease were studied. The muscle potential in the abductor pollicis brevis, evoked by median nerve stimulation and the somatosensory potential evoked by wrist stimulation were also studied. In eight of 11 patients there was absence or increased central delay of the responses evoked by cortical stimulation. In four patients muscle responses on cervical stimulation and muscle action potentials on median nerve stimulation were also altered, indicating peripheral abnormalities. Somatosensory responses evoked by wrist stimulation were normal. Electrophysiological techniques are helpful in estimating the site of motor involvement in motor neuron disease.

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