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Chronic fatigue and myalgia syndrome: mitochondrial and glycolytic studies in skeletal muscle.
  1. E Byrne,
  2. I Trounce


    Clinical and biochemical findings in skeletal muscle in 11 patients with chronic fatigue myalgia syndromes of unknown aetiology are reported. All patients had severe asthenia for from one to 10 years with greatly limited exercise capacity and protracted exhaustion after minor exercise. Diffuse myalgia was prominent and was exacerbated for hours to days after exercise. Assay of skeletal muscle carnitine, phosphorylase, all glycolytic enzymes and the mitochondrial marker enzymes monoamine oxidase, isocitrate dehydrogenase and cytochrome oxidase were normal. These findings lend no support to the presence of a major defect in muscle intermediary energy pathways in this syndrome.

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