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Neoplastic angioendotheliosis: a case of subacute dementia with unusual cerebral CT appearances and a review of the literature.
  1. R S Knight,
  2. P Anslow,
  3. J M Theaker
  1. Department of Neurology, Northern General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK.


    A 62 year old woman presented with subacute dementia and hemiparesis which progressed to death with terminal seizures over 5 months. A cerebral biopsy specimen and necropsy showed the features of neoplastic angioendotheliosis which proved to be lymphomatous. Cerebral CT showed multiple low density areas in the white matter with striking enhancement after high-dose intravenous contrast administration. There was temporary clinical improvement with prednisolone therapy. The clinical features, cerebral CT appearances and partial response to treatment are discussed, with a review of the relevant literature.

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