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Changes in cerebral blood flow during anaesthesia and surgery in the sitting position.
  1. R J Nelson,
  2. A H Lovick,
  3. J D Pickard,
  4. J Brice,
  5. D Saunders,
  6. P J Horsey
  1. Wessex Neurological Centre, Southampton General Hospital, UK.


    Serial measurements of global cerebral blood flow (CBF) were made in 15 patients undergoing elective neurosurgical procedures in the sitting position, using a modified intravenous 133Xenon technique. The mean supine CBF rose from 43 (+/-3) ml/100g/min to 62 (+/-6) ml/100g/min in the sitting position and remained elevated at the end of surgery at 62 (+/-5) ml/100g/min. Both increases in CBF were statistically significant with respect to baseline supine values.

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