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Epidemiology of headache in the Republic of San Marino.
  1. R D'Alessandro,
  2. G Benassi,
  3. P L Lenzi,
  4. G Gamberini,
  5. T Sacquegna,
  6. P De Carolis,
  7. E Lugaresi
  1. Institute of Neurology, University of Bologna, Italy.


    An epidemiological survey on headache was performed in the Republic of San Marino, which is the smallest independent State in the world, located near the Adriatic Coast, within Italy. Among a random sample of 1500 inhabitants over 7 years of age the frequency of headache, severe headache and migraine in the previous year was 35.3%, 12.2%, 9.3% respectively for men, and 46.2%, 20.6%, 18% for women. The most common factors reported to provoke headache were emotional stress, physical strain, lack of sleep, particular foods or drinks and for women menstruation. Migraine patients differed from people without headache in that they had a higher consumption of coffee, more frequently reported bad sleep, allergic disease and previous appendectomy. Furthermore, migraine patients and severe headache sufferers had a higher diastolic blood pressure than non headache subjects.

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